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What this community is about

I've decided to build a website about Geek Spirituality, basically an expansion of what I was trying to do with my class, but with some new ideas and some more experience. The outline is complete, and now the building can begin. The basic structure of the site will consist of a series of essays, the topics of which are listed below:

I. What is spirituality?
II. Model Agnosticism
III. Myth
IV. Jungian Psychology
V. Brain Waves / States of Consciousness
VI. The Triple Soul
VII. Animism
VIII. Gods & Archetypes
IX. Dreams
X. Divination
XI. Energy / Prana / Chi
XII. Meditation / Grounding / Centering
XIII. Magick / Ritual
XIV. Trance
XV. Aspecting / Trance Possession
XVI. Outlooks / Anchoring
XVII. Science and Magick
XVIII. Further Learning

My intent is to finish one essay every two weeks, and do the design work in parallel to that. With some slack time built in I am hoping to launch the site in October 2006.

Many of these topics are dealt with in many other places, and probably in more depth, but what makes my site different is that I am attempting to explain things in rationalist language, in order to make the rewards of spirituality more accessible to those who have a geek/rationalist/athiest outlook. Wherever possible I will rely on psychological and computer metaphors in this process, and attempt to stay away from "newagey" language.

I would really like anyone who is interested in these ideas to join the community. I will post early drafts of my essays to the community and I could really use criticism and feedback during this process. I especially want to make sure my ideas are in line with both modern psychological understanding, current scholarly research, and the understanding of magickal practioners. I also could eventually use some design help, as web design is not my forte.

Feel free to participate as much or as little as you would like.
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