Blade Hamilton (aka VAXJedi) (vaxjedi) wrote in geekspiritsite,
Blade Hamilton (aka VAXJedi)

Looking for contributors

Hey all, I finally followed up an idea I had, and I am putting together a website specifically dealing with technopaganism, urban shamanism and post-modern occult (etc etc etc) called the Indranet.

I have a site and such all set up, but I am missing something, namely content. So I am looking for people who would be willing to be regular contributors to my site - people to post cool URLs, to review books and movies, people to write interesting articles and even people willing to write regular columns. And for those of you who don't want to go that far into it, I have a wiki-like section called the Open Source Grimoire, where users can create and edit pages.

So if you are interested, post a comment or email me at lakem at comcast dawt net

(I've been posting this to various communities - I apologize for any spam for people on those communities as well.... unless you like spam and all...)
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